Cooking is an Art

and a science too. A perfect cook combines the art of cooking with the science of food and adds his/her love to the food… right from the preparation to the finale. The inner feeling also guides us in the process of cooking. the colors, texture, flavors and aroma also inspire and fuel our creativity when we cook.

The recipes on the blog are good as well as tried and tested and may be sometimes unique as well. If you are looking for something new, than this website is a place you should visit again.

About indian food
Indian food is diverse as well as vast. there is so much variety that we bet one cannot find such a massive variety in any country. From simple everyday recipes to complex recipes, from a basic dal to a rich biryani, from a light meal to a full thali meal, there are thousands of varieties of food that one gets in india. Not to forget the sweets and desserts too. Yet another indian culinary delight is the indian street food.

The recipes are on this site are from different cuisines.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Look for the ingredients at India Grocers.